Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cover of the Week War Picture Library 207 Be Tough, Be Cunning

Take that Nazi! How gratifying it is to see a jack-booted bad guy bite the big one at the hands of a determined, tough and cunning automatic wielding good guy.  You can tell by the shine of his boots that Hun boy was clearly up to no good and the hero has arrived to reduce the number of options opened to the Luger dropping fiend.

I'm very enthusiastic about this cover. It's all about the red and the render even though the door appears to be only pencilled in. There's good depth and animation in the composition of this picture. It all comes together perfectly with the title and the bared white teeth.
I'm keen to read War Picture Library 207 Be Tough, Be Cunning. In that respect the cover has already sold me on the story. And isn't that what it's supposed to do?

I know I'm a soft marker when it comes to these things, but when you've got quality like this to work with what else can you do? 10/10 

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