Monday, April 30, 2012

Moustache Monday!

Moustaches do more than allow a man authoritative license or supply a commanding and defining imprimatur to influence the weak. 

The relationship between a man and a moustache is more than some imagined ecological or baseless evolutionary theory concerning symbiosis.

This is about life!
It's not what a moustache brings to a man but what a man brings to a moustache.

Take the good Major as an example. His comments, if you could imagine if he were tashless, would appear as some kind of tasteless joke designed to sicken and abhor strangers and friends alike. However given that he is with moustache the sincerity of his story is never in doubt.

Indeed there have been many great men who have moved forward in life tashless. However, imagine how much further they could have gone if they were doing it correctly in the first place.


  1. I'm sure that each of those boys would've moved much further in life had they taken the time to cultivate their upper lips before that last, fateful dogfight.

  2. Absolutely! Might have done them some good. Now of course it is all far too late.


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