Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Don’t forget to point

What type of chap are you? Are you the kind who doesn't care or the kind who points as required, even when not asked? Getting this right is so important. As you may be called upon to demonstrate. At that point everything changes and the observer effect comes into play. Fear or pride might become your companions. They are friends you can well do without. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Tight jumpers at sea

Strange things happen at sea apparently. If not strange but there clearly appears to be an over abundance of hot water and a lack of fabric softener below decks as the leading seaman’s jumper (sweater for you American types) seems to have gone through the hot and fast cycle one too many times. No wonder he is annoyed. Also calling someone a sprog is not very nice, particulary around all the seamen on deck. And just what exactly are those other three experienced hands doing? Working hard at looking busy by the looks of them. The leading seaman has a right to be a touch... grumpy.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Have monocle will go the biff!

Some fellows are happy to go the biff under any condition. Shirts on or shirts off it’s all the same to them. It is worth noting the lack of upper body attire should provide the hopelessly obvious hint that Australians are involved. Sadly the fit looking chap in the middle dealing with the hapless meaty buffons is an Englishman. However when it comes to showing the world to have at it he is not a shy man. Have monocle will wage war - against friend or foe - is the right type of chap to have on your side. Heaven forbid if he were one of the enemy.
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