Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cover of the Week Air Ace Picture Library 240 Havoc Over Russia

Struggle. Life is bad enough without having some creep shoot at you while you're trying to save your own life. Also given that should you make it through the hail of bullets and avoid the rotating propeller blades realising that where you might land isn't exactly going to be all that fun either. Good old number 57 hey? Well Air Ace 240 Havoc Over Russia could have very well been called Havoc Into Russia is besides the point. There's a lot to like in this cover. This is one of these covers where everything is so simple but it all comes together. Even the heading has a delightful if not sinister and tragic double meaning. For me this is an easy 10/10. The eastern front is pretty obscure in most people's minds let alone pocket war comics. 

Moustache Monday!

A moustache is one thing. Looking good is another. Bringing the two together well...Here we see Squadron Leader Ken Wilson bringing both together and making it look good. Others, like Taggart, can only sit in awe and try and bring together coherent sentences in recognition of his boss's presence.
Yet there is more to learn here than meets the eye. Men understand where to sit and where to stand. When to fold arms and when to not. If you look closely you will see what I mean.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cover of the Week. Air Ace Picture Library 411 The Wolf's Head.

Nazis are a funny lot you know. They say they want all the attention and then when they get it they can't help but look the other way. I've been trying to interpret Air Ace Picture Library 411 The Wolf's Head for some time. The more I look the more I get confused. Yes I agree there's a moral let loose somewhere in here yet it doesn't reach out and grab me. Good beats evil. Yes I get that one. After that I don't know where to go. Is it not wearing seat belts is a bad thing? I'm still tying to figure out how "He tried to settle a personal score - but the price was sky high". If it's about killing Nazis the ledger appears by all accounts to be running in the black on this one.

The drama is all there of course. With cars at obscure angles and strafing aircraft at even obscurer altitudes. I even think there's an intentional link to party logos and busted hazard signs. As dramatic comic book art it makes a lot of sense - however the tag line doesn't seem to match every thing else that's going on. Argue with me if you dare but 8/10 (just) for this one.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moustache Monday!

The The The that's all we seem to hear these days. However if we take the time to listen and look we will see a whole lot more.
It may not be enough to own the smallest filing cabinets in the world - perhaps that's where Wilson stores all his notes of warning. Yet when the moustache points you need to understand that you are being spoken too. If you're going to put up then you better have the legs of anything a fast unarmed  version operating with a specialty. The rules are so simple if only you discuss them first.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moustache Monday!

Do you know where this finger has been? Sometimes simple questions need to be given to simple people. Simple people lack sophistication. They lack intelligence. They lack flare. They lack style. Most of all they lack grooming. A simple person cannot grow a moustache let alone care for one. True some people may be able to grow facial hair but no doubt it will prove to be an abomination. It takes a proper man to grow, groom and maintain a moustache.  So when the finger is being pointed and the files are on the cabinet there is only one way to show respect- even though you may not have the intelligence to understand the meaning of your own words. How the irony is lost on those standing in the shadows.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Moustache Monday!

Some moustaches have their own gravity. Here is one that has more than the potential to attract small astronomic bodies over an unyielding event horizon. Yet despite its inherent majesty and associated gravity there are those, hairless lipped as they are, who are dismissive.
Consider this. A man takes the time to grow and groom. To crop and cultivate. Yet some hairless lipped wonder wearing ice cream cups on his ears believes he can call the shots. You know...be number one, numero uno, the big cheese, the bees knees, the duck's guts...Well Mr Not Man Enough. Get your act together. Stop questioning and get with it.   

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Comic Book Collecting

The ducks of war - well actually the duck of war meets the enemy head on in a confrontation so terrible that not even Battler Britton will be able to walk away grinning.

Whoever Bob is he's left his mark on this Air Ace Picture Library.

The idle doodle in the only white area on the cover is now locked into my collection. It's inevitable that free art and typographical interpretation of this calibre is going to turn up from time to time.

I'm happy to see it.

Bob if you're out there some where I have your comic now. And your duck.
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