Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cover of the Week Air Ace Picture Library 240 Havoc Over Russia

Struggle. Life is bad enough without having some creep shoot at you while you're trying to save your own life. Also given that should you make it through the hail of bullets and avoid the rotating propeller blades realising that where you might land isn't exactly going to be all that fun either. Good old number 57 hey? Well Air Ace 240 Havoc Over Russia could have very well been called Havoc Into Russia is besides the point. There's a lot to like in this cover. This is one of these covers where everything is so simple but it all comes together. Even the heading has a delightful if not sinister and tragic double meaning. For me this is an easy 10/10. The eastern front is pretty obscure in most people's minds let alone pocket war comics. 

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  1. Love the blog, keep the upper lip stiff and moustached and carry on!



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