Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Nurses? I'm confused.

Confused? Women? Don't get to see a lot of those in pocket war comics. They do exist and here is the proof.

Norman Stagg is confused too.

Not only is he confronted by ladies who think his actions are creepy. By the way a slight digression...which is worse to be considered a creep or creepy? He is also confined to a bed that is far too small for him. Perhaps he should have his hands above the covers? That would surely make things far more comfortable for him.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Moustache Monday!

How can you get so angry at someone called Stardust? Also snatching. Is that necessary? Really?

Stardust must have done something really bad to be the object of that much anger. Perhaps he (assuming it was a he) hid the moustache wax or the twirling tongs. Also to be given the double ultimatum of "AT ONCE" and "THAT IS AN ORDER" suggests that Stardust is truly in trouble.

No wonder that poor man is surprised. A man of moustache is usually in command of his and everybody else's situation. This is a rare chance to witness the other side of the moustache. A side that we see very little of and perhaps it is better that way.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Holes and Their Aerodynamic Application.

Holes are funny things. They're something that you'd like to give away and seldom receive. The problem with holes is that they help aeroplanes fall out of the sky. Not a good idea if you are in one, but an excellent idea if you are trying to avoid one that is trying to give you several. Sometimes one hole appears to be enough and sometimes many appear not to be quite near enough. Difficult things to master and even more difficult to understand. There's also a degree of uncertainty if holes can be shared.

Yet holes play a considerable role in denying aerodynamic application to machines and other man made contraptions that purport to be heavier than air. One line of thinking would suggest that the addition of holes would make the heavy less heavy and therefore more amenable to flight. Perhaps there's a paradox that's yet to be fully explored.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Moustache Monday!

Tash and cravats. Isn't that what's all about? When the CO looks into your eyes and says "...if that's how you feel...but keep it in mind" you should be on your best behaviour. That is a tash with a life of it's own. It has lift, buoyancy, verve.
Also even though Stagg's cravat is a bit slovenly he still manages to pull it off with some pizzazz. Some things can be forgiven and this must be one of them. Just remember to press the matter no further.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Not Everyone's a Winner

Some boys do and some boys don't. Sadly Norman is one of the boys who didn't. There would be some prescient karma in place if among the crowd  there was an individual in authority or intimate comrade who's given name was James. However such ill-placed humorous coincidences may be considered in poor taste given the gravity of the situation.

Dead people don't often make into the panels of pocket war comics, given the number of dead people war produces it appears somewhat of an oxymoron. Dead protagonists are even rarer. To have one dead and intact is veritably monumental. Let it not be said that it is ever too late.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

There's This Bar...

This is a bar where men can relax and be themselves. lt's a place where a fellow can meet other chaps and have a laugh, down a few ales and smoke a pipe or two.

A sensible place really. 

It's not that women are not welcome. Indeed these fellows greatly enjoy the company of women. But she has to be the right kind of gal if you understand the meaning. Women no doubt have their own  clubs, similar in many ways to these fellows. They too would also welcome a man into their midst, but he too would have to be the right kind of man to feel at home among the ladies.

Don't see too many women in these parts anyways.  

What we do see is a new chap. He's not like the other boys. But as he makes an effort to fit in he'll be OK.

What more could a man want?

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Heavenly Trio

These men are winners even though they are all dead. They gave the Hun a good licking even though it may have been misguided at times. The chap in the centre managed to outlive the other two. Even though he was driven by blind rage at time to avenge his friends' deaths it appears that inappropriate use of raw emotion is no barrier to become part of the trio eternal.
This is a wonderful version of the afterlife where, despite what ravages of mortal existence may be visited upon your temporary person, your life eternal will continue in perfection immortal. Does this also mean the 'inseperables' are stuck with each other for ever? Like in forever forever? No doubt if they are the best of chums then everything will be OK. Are they allowed to swap positions. Can they swap outfits? Or are they compelled to stride through the clouds , with the light at their backs, for always. Having said that, they do appear to be very happy to do that.

Oh the joy of a job well done!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Air Ace Picture Library 46 No Survivors

Grim. It's not often the 3 main characters in a pocket war comic don't make it to the back page alive. War is usually a lark, a punt, an adventure. Not this time. Three chums all set out to join up, one joins the RAF, another the RN and the other is rejected for military service so he becomes a teacher.
To ruin the story for you the Spitfire pilot is the last one to go. His thirst for revenge is his ultimate undoing. I can't help but feeling if this story was written a few years later all of them would have survived, but not this time. I wonder if there was any difficulty in getting this story line to print? Also the title is missing an exclamation mark!
A great story with no lucky coincidences or outrageous good luck.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Like Chickens!

Cleverness, you would think, should be a prerequisite for those in charge. Sadly this is a naive notion.
Irony it seems wants to teach us that dullness, in the truest sense of the word, doesn't seem to be far from those at the top.
Skua pilots it appears are anything but chicken. The only thing that is about to scattered will be that ship and that guy's beard. So does that mean that cleverness and dullness are two forces that are condemned to continually meet and always with catastrophic results?
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