Monday, April 14, 2014

The Heavenly Trio

These men are winners even though they are all dead. They gave the Hun a good licking even though it may have been misguided at times. The chap in the centre managed to outlive the other two. Even though he was driven by blind rage at time to avenge his friends' deaths it appears that inappropriate use of raw emotion is no barrier to become part of the trio eternal.
This is a wonderful version of the afterlife where, despite what ravages of mortal existence may be visited upon your temporary person, your life eternal will continue in perfection immortal. Does this also mean the 'inseperables' are stuck with each other for ever? Like in forever forever? No doubt if they are the best of chums then everything will be OK. Are they allowed to swap positions. Can they swap outfits? Or are they compelled to stride through the clouds , with the light at their backs, for always. Having said that, they do appear to be very happy to do that.

Oh the joy of a job well done!

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