Thursday, April 10, 2014

Air Ace Picture Library 46 No Survivors

Grim. It's not often the 3 main characters in a pocket war comic don't make it to the back page alive. War is usually a lark, a punt, an adventure. Not this time. Three chums all set out to join up, one joins the RAF, another the RN and the other is rejected for military service so he becomes a teacher.
To ruin the story for you the Spitfire pilot is the last one to go. His thirst for revenge is his ultimate undoing. I can't help but feeling if this story was written a few years later all of them would have survived, but not this time. I wonder if there was any difficulty in getting this story line to print? Also the title is missing an exclamation mark!
A great story with no lucky coincidences or outrageous good luck.

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