Thursday, December 8, 2011

War Picture Library Advertising - The Royal Navy

How long did it take for Royal Navy recruiters to realise that there was a vast audience of potential recruits sitting out there reading pocket war comics?  The recruiters thought they must have hit upon a gold mine of impressionable lads when they started to advertise in Fleetway Publications.

The Royal Navy needs you!

This advertisement comes from December 1967 and adorns the inside front cover of War Picture Library 412 Murder Charge. Now modern day marketing types would flinch at positioning the Royal Navy next to a title like that. There would be an uproar and the inevitable trial by social media. No doubt the marketing types in 1967 were made of sterner stuff than their modern day counterparts.

You would think that after 44 years that the recruitment strategy for the Royal Navy would be vastly different - but a quick look at the website for Royal Navy careers tells you that things haven't really changed all that much.

...go for the life that has action and adventure. 
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