Thursday, April 24, 2014

Holes and Their Aerodynamic Application.

Holes are funny things. They're something that you'd like to give away and seldom receive. The problem with holes is that they help aeroplanes fall out of the sky. Not a good idea if you are in one, but an excellent idea if you are trying to avoid one that is trying to give you several. Sometimes one hole appears to be enough and sometimes many appear not to be quite near enough. Difficult things to master and even more difficult to understand. There's also a degree of uncertainty if holes can be shared.

Yet holes play a considerable role in denying aerodynamic application to machines and other man made contraptions that purport to be heavier than air. One line of thinking would suggest that the addition of holes would make the heavy less heavy and therefore more amenable to flight. Perhaps there's a paradox that's yet to be fully explored.

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