Monday, April 16, 2012

Moustache Monday!

The moustache to some is mere adornment, nothing more than a bauble to delight one’s self or others. The moustache is of course more than that. Not only is it a prerequisite for purposeful leadership it also a way to demonstrate purposeful that leadership.
Here we see a moustache used pointedly in expression ready to slap the gruff insolent working class troglodyte like a third hand. Privates clearly have no ideas worth sharing. This young bare knuckled pup is about to discover that a carefully shaped barb delivered by his military, moral and social superior will be far more hurtful than receiving a blow from one of his own rough and tumble kind.

Clearly from this exchange a gentleman will always triumph and the gormless working class type will always suffer. A gentleman will not celebrate or over extend the use of raw naked aggression. A true gentleman will know that those beneath him are always happier when reminded of their correct place.


  1. "Now take that paper sailboat which you call a hat and get out of my sight"

  2. Harsh words for a harsh situation.


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