Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cover of the Week Battle Picture Library 18 The Trouble Shooters

There's more than enough chaos in this cover to keep the expectation of drama going. Nothing like the "tough road to glory" carved into the very rubble you are creating and fighting though Also having a tear in the cover around the middle staple helps things along as well.

This a busy cover with great focus.

Here we have two men, both sergeants, from different units clearly giving it to the enemy. The blast from the piat (I thought they were spring loaded), the set grimace and the menacing tommy gun tell me that these men are more than trouble-shooters they look more like trouble-makers.

I think this a great cover - mainly for the chaotic situation these two fellows find themselves in.

Another high scoring effort, Battle Picture Library 18 The Trouble-Shooters deserves no less then 9/10.

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