Monday, April 9, 2012

Moustache Monday!

Seen here in what could be best described as a three quarter rear view (from this position one could certainly reach around and touch the other end) is a manly and purposeful moustache that absolutely drips with authority .
Behind such a tash the C.O. has every right to berate young Lewis. Lewis has every reason to apologise - his only saviour from being manhandled from the office is his earnest appearance and angular jaw. Lewis knows that this time he'll have to take it on the chin and prove himself worthy another time.


  1. I'm taking a guess that he's being reprimanded for shaving his 'tash. What a fool thing to do. Every good pilot knows that the first rule of aviation is to check that your lip warmer is in good order.

  2. Indeed he is being admnonished for his youthful foolishness. Oh the young...they believe they know everything...


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