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Cultural Representations of the Fallen Soldier Display

The Laboratoire d'Histoire Visuelle Contemporaine is looking at the history and visual representations of the Fallen Soldier Display or Battle Cross - see below for the full email from Patrick Peccatte who is conducting the research.

I've provided him with a list of links that might help him out in his quest. If  you have any others please contact Patrick via email (​).

Also I would appreciate it if you notify me ( if you get in contact with Patrick. I would be very happy to learn that my blog has made a contribution in some way to an academic study.

Patricks's Email

I am associate researcher at the Laboratoire d'Histoire Visuelle Contemporaine (visual studies) in Paris, France.
I am now working on the history and cultural representations of the Fallen Soldier Display (FSD) coined with an inverted rifle with bayonet and helmet.
This very popular symbol is also called Battle Cross, see
You can take a look on my article and slideshow on the subject (in French, sorry):
I have found different covers of "war comics" with the FSD, see:

My question is simple:
do you know any other representation of the FSD in war comics ? Or do you know any person, archivist, group, etc. which can help me in search of the FSD in comics ?

With best regards

Patrick Peccatte

My Reply to Patrick
Hi Patrick

I am more than happy to help. If it's OK with you I will post your email to me as my next blog entry  - it can only help.

I've put together a list of websites and blogs that should be of some help. The 1st website that I've listed has every cover of each published UK war comic. My guess is that Steve Holland, Peter Richardson and The Book Palace will be your best bets for information concerning artists and illustrators.

I am more than happy to go through my collection on an ad hoc basis to see if there are any inside illustrations that match your research topic. As I find them I'll send them through to you.

Even though my French is terrible I had a look at you links this morning and I gather that your focus is on the American aspect of the FSD? Most of the links I've provided are British.  Just out of interest here is a link to the Australian War Memorial and traditions concerning our own ANZAC Day and 'reversed arms'.

I hope you can find something that you can use in the following. Please stay in touch with regards to your progress.

The following commerical site is a very good resource for British war comic covers.

Steve Holland is a publisher of several books of British war comics. I imagine he would be an ideal source for further information.

Peter Richardson is another blogger who has a strong interest in artists and original artwork that sometimes includes British war comics.

 Closer to home for you is the following French blog about the work of various artists and illustrators.

The Book Palace is another excellent website (and publisher) who might be able to help you out.

Commando Comics are still being published by UK firm DC Thomson

If it helps with your research these comic books have been translated into other languages, two sites that might be able to help you out are:
Mike Eriksson's site is in English with links to his Swedish site

King Viswa may be able to help you with war comics in Tamil

For movies with the images you are looking for try the war movie buff.


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