Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cover of the Week War Picture Library 109 Claws of the Tiger

You can feel the angst. Old mate's not getting up from this one. Rare to see blood as well.
That tank behind them is in a bit of strife as well.

War Picture Library 109 Claws of the Tiger says so much and it does it with a minimum of fuss. Even though to my eyes the two figures in the forefront may have been created either by a different artist or in a different medium (can anybody help me out here?) It really doesn't matter. This is a sterling effort.

I like the way that the artist wasn't compelled or directed to keep the image going to the edges of the original canvas. It doesn't need to. Everything the cover needs to say is right there.

Again, even though simple, the bold red of the title really works with the image. Thank goodness there's no annoying flash tag line spelling out what you should already know from the images. Right on the money. Only a 10/10 will do.

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