Monday, May 21, 2012

Moustache Monday!

The moustache of prophecy is usually quite rare - however the moustache of chilling prophecy is only found in lost legends.

Yet here is one before us...

The man who carries such responsibility must sometimes walk alone.

This is not a time to consider the things that we posses but the time to consider what we are yet to suppose.


  1. Sadly, his prophecy was to come to pass. Later, in that afternoon's cricket match. On the last ball of the last over, with the brits needing a score of six to tie the game, the huns' captain, Günther Chappell, instructed his bowler and younger brother, Torsten, to bowl a mullygrubber. Though a loss for the brits, none could truly claim a victory on that day.

  2. If I recall there was at least one other brother - Ludwig but I'm not sure he took up the sporting life.


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