Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cover of the Week. Air Ace Picture Library 67 Silent Wings

This is good looking cover! Just look at how the title and image come together perfectly to create an introduction for the action inside.
Everything about the cover, from the way the troops are rushing out of glider 316 to the way the lead figure is standing in the forefront with his Sten gun, just spell drama and action!  The expression and stance of the man with the Sten are particularly well animated and provide every indication that challenges lie ahead. 'The hell of Arnhem...' described by the slightly ill-worded splash cut out in the bottom left hand corner goes to highlight the drama that's sure to unfold in this Air Ace Picture Library.

Silent Wings has come to me with only a slight bit of damage - the long lost previous owner applying a thin strip of sticky tape that was then coloured in with black pen.

This is not a bad thing.

I've never been one for collecting only pristine pocket war comics. My collection includes a number of comics that have led just as hard a life as some of the characters contained with them.

I'm yet to review Silent Wings but already the cover, with it's wonderful sense of urgency has my mind racing on what's going to happen on the pages that follow.

This cover deserves a high score. Easily 9/10!

Please leave a comment if you agree or disagree with my score.


  1. i am surprised the artist was not tempted to draw the sten mk.v.the para sten.with pistol/fore grips and wooden butt.the glider troop is armed with the sten mark2.i do agree with your high score.

  2. its interesting the magazine housing on the sten mark2 could be rotated and like the german mp 3008 the magazine could be attached below the weapon.the best exsample of this was private shortland use of the sten in darkies mob.its disavantage was its prone to jamming.i guess the reason we don"t see this used in the movies is because of the resemblance to the mp 40.


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