Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cover of the Week. War at Sea 16 Destroyer

Sea dogs are tough. I guess they have to be because there's no where to run or hide on a boat. Surrounded by dead and dying comrades the gun crew of the destroyer stick to their grim task - what choice do they have?

There's more than enough information here to tell me what I should expect when I start reading the story behind the cover.

If you can see through the hard life my issue has been through  - this would have been a prized issue in some young lads hands.
For me the detail in the folds in all the sailors clothes, the bomb just falling away from the Stuka and the pitch of the deck just keep me wanting to look at this picture over and over again.

This is one occasion where I would like to have a good copy of this issue.
I'm surprised that the publishers didn't feel compelled to add an exclamation mark to the title.

However there is a lack of composition and animation to Destroyer. Also the quad mounted gun isn't very convincing. I want to give Destroyer a better score but I just can't give it more than 7/10. Is that being too harsh?

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