Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cover of the Week. Battle Picture Library 317 Gilroy Was Here!

Something's going wrong. The sergeant appears none too pleased that that Tommy behind has managed to blow himself up and that the other trooper seems somewhat disinterested. Oh I get it...they're pulling mines up! It's just that some are better at it than others. Despite the intent I don't think this cover delivers. However who can say? Battle Picture Library 317 Gilroy Was Here might be an absolute cracker of a story.

The more I look at Battle Picture Libraries I form the opinion that Fleetway were trying to create a publication with more of an 'edge' to compete against Commando.

For those not familiar with it the pen marks on the front are GST 55. In other words the price including the Goods and Services Tax (of 10%) is 55 cents. When the GST was introduced in Australia a number of second hand book dealers and thrift store owners believed they had to label everything with a boldly placed GST price label or suffer the wrath of the federal government. The marks of that misplaced paranoia live on to this very day.

If this cover was in a perfect state I would have given it a score of 5/10 - however as it looks like it has stood on a mine to end up up in my collection it deserves 6/10.


  1. The War Movie BuffJune 16, 2011 at 1:34 AM

    Gilroy instead of Kilroy?

  2. Possibly the authors thought that Kilroy would have been too American?


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