Saturday, May 28, 2011

War Picture Library 83 McMain's Marauders

A funny sort of a story where long and proud clan traditions meet insensitive Canadians meet smug Germans meet vain counter clan claims and all this with not an Englishman to be seen. This is one of those somebody doesn't want to fit in where he's wanted kind of stories. That's the insensitive Canadian sent to command McMain's Marauders who have lost their commanding officer and clan chief in the heat of battle. Despite being a McMain himself the Canadian doesn't understand the importance of also being a clan chief. The smug Germans only have themselves to blame for their own ultimate predicament. But they do provide the Canuck McMain with the necessary environment to realise his Scottish heritage. The vain counter clan claim comes from the ancient enemies of the McMains - the McKaigs who are embodied by Brigadier McKaig who is determined to destroy/dismantle the McMains.
In what appears to be a deliberate attempt to spite this terrible story line the artist employed to look after McMain's Marauders has done an excellent job. As this story is partly set at the beginning of the war we even get a glimpse of the French.
For some reason I always thought the earlier pocket war comic stories would be better. McMain's Marauders proves that to be a completely hopeless assumption. But if you like seeing the occasional swirl of a kilt and real men's knees - this is the story for you.

Yeah - that's this time. Does that mean that last time things were different.

An ancient AAARGH!

Ooh...I'd follow him.

The McKaigs must be bad guys - they have black hats.

Two things must be the olden times I can tell by the scrolls. Also is the first time for dancing in a pocket war comic?

Smug Germans!


Smoke that durry mate.

Ooh that big gruff Sergeant...

Great panel!


"...go to blazes tilt on his head" must be very different to plain old jaunty.
You see...smoking makes you look cool.

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