Friday, February 25, 2011

War Picture Library Advertising - Dramatic All Action

War Picture Library 78 Aces High published (Dec 1960) has this advertisement on the back cover.

It is interesting to note the subscription pricing. For some reason it is cheaper to receive a War Picture Library comic if you are from Overseas or Canada. Whereas if you lived in the the United Kingdom simply (and beautifully) referred to as Home it costs more.

I've also done some research through Measuring and discovered that in today's currency the subscription would cost about 51.50 GBP or 82.90 USD or 81.77 AUD or 60.13 Euro.

In other words the cost to have 48 issues delivered to your door per issue would be as follows;
1.07 GBP, 1.73 USD, 1.70 AUD and 1.25 Euro.

Another reason to build that time machine.

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