Tuesday, March 1, 2011

War Picture Library 58 Up the Marines!

Up the Marines! is simply dreadful from the very beginning. Just what is going on with that cover? The self-vandalising enemy are rightfully cowering as they are being consumed by what looks like a creature from Cuthulu.  The story can only get worse from here - and it does.

Sergeant Swift and Corporal Younger are on a commando canoe raid to disable harbour bouy lights, making a vital German convoy to run aground. In the course of the action Younger gets himself killed and of course Swift blames himself. Swift returns and is awarded a medal for the action. Younger's younger brother is present at the investiture to accept the award. Have a wild guess at what happens next.

The younger Younger idolises Swift from the stories told to him by the older Younger. Younger Younger enlists and manages to get posted to the elite commando unit with Swift. Understandably Swift is keen not to have another Younger (older or younger) killed by his side and accordingly tries to minimise risk taking on missions. Younger Younger is of course distressed and embarassed that he's not seeing enough action and he tries to leave the unit.

Of course it all works out in the end when the two are involved in an assualt on a pillbox.

To be kind if you like things being blown up and people shot up then this story would be just OK. There are glimpses of the artist of trying to make something at least visually interesting - the pipe smoking German Oberleutnant, the sailor's cap ribbons fluttering in the breeze - but it's not enough to save this story.

I really have to dig deep to find to say anything nice about this one.

The cap ribbons fluttering away are a nice touch.

See children...you didn't come up with WTF.

Oberleutnant stop hogging the pipe.

One of the few highlights in the story.

This man is an idiot. How did he ever get to command a ship?

 What an odd shaped scone you have sergeant.

I wish my posture was like that.

Good at drawing things being blown up and destroyed. Good at drawing a hail of bullets - but drawing an office appears to be a bit of a challenge.


Oh the shame...

This is that crazed  look you get when you're in the shadow of death and assualting a pillbox while wearing a tie.

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