Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Battle Picture Library Advertising - Stamps

Have you ever wondered why 116 stamps in return and not 115? Needless to say I'm yet to collect a Battle, War or Air Ace Picture Library with the coupon to Broadway Approvals carefully removed from the back cover. Someone must have done it! If you're out there please get in contact.

This advertisement is from the back cover of Battle Picture Library 122 Hold Until Relieved.

For those interested in this kind of thing, here's a link to 50 Denmark Hill now on Google Map. Do you think the guy holding the Subway sign is really the front man for a vast underground stamp trading empire still operating from behind those iron garage door grills?

What would happen if you went up to this man and asked for Lot P25? What would happen if you went up to him and asked him for Lot P26?

So many questions.

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