Monday, March 21, 2011

War Picture Library Advertising - Super Libraries Promotion

XWKCRZP43X65 That's it pals (chums, mates, chaps and buddies, if that were translated into 'now' speak I guess that would at least become bros and besties) have a look at the new wonder value super libraries.

There are some great looking titles in there - however one does scare me a little and that's The Animator -featuring the Fleetway superhero The Spider. Just have a closer look at the picture on the left an you'll see what I mean.

He's the kind of guy that like to wear tights, ankle length red boots and what appears to be some kind of dual mounted dispensers worn openly on his chest. Whatever happened to him?

Well he lives on and is published in Tamil - no less!

This promotional advertisement comes from the inside front cover of War Picture Library 391 Old Warrior.

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  1. Thank You Very Much for My Link being pat of your post.

    //Whatever happened to him?// Well, they tried to bring him back through Albion and that was a terrible thing to do. Better him being the King of Crooks or the (Later stage) Crime Fighter Par excellence.

    He is happily appearing in the Re prints in Tamil Language, By the way.


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