Monday, February 14, 2011

War Picture Library Comic Book Advertising

You know it's a top issue when you can't stop using "top" as a superlative. In some circles Sir Bobby Charlton is still the absolute soccer superstar and if he was in the midst of his then stellar career now - he would be earning an absolute motza, living in L.A., be the target of the paparazzi, and have every moment of his personal and professional life under close scrutiny for all of us to enjoy...

Just like Bobby, Roy of the Rovers is still kicking around and judging from his website he's decidedly beefed up to take on the 21st Century.

I understand that all that top work by Roy in Tiger allowed him to eventually spin out into his own publication.

This advertisement appeared on the inside cover of War Picture Library  56 The Crowded Sky July 1961.

Did you vote? I voted! And I say "it's tops!"

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