Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cover of the Week Air Ace Picture Library 284 Traitor Unmasked

Fanciful and fraudulent come to mind when contemplating the cover of Air Ace Picture Library 284 Traitor Unmasked. However I am letting my limited knowledge of aerial combat and the capabilities of WW2 aircraft colour my judgement.

The action is no doubt top notch. It would have to be for a Lysander sporting landing gear mounted guns and rockets to bring down an enemy fighter aircraft. Don't get me wrong I like the colours, particularly the use of reds and yellows. It's also nice to see that the allied plane has seen better days.

The funky title font is also somewhat endearing. There's also that lovely (if not slightly risqué) sub-head that's been spared the ignominy of appearing as a flash cut-out.

Whilst I have no complaints about the composition - indeed if I were a young lad back in 1966 the cover is exciting enough that I would have handed my hard earned 1'- in a thrice. It is the very idea behind this cover that drags it down in the rankings. Lysander lovers the world over will no doubt disagree me. 6/10.

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