Monday, April 26, 2010

War Picture Library 295 Operation Doomsday

This one reads like a script from a 1965 Hollywood movie. The allied breakout from France is under threat as a crack German force led by the ruthless and skilled (is there any other kind?) General Von Zoller prepares to counterattack the exposed flanks of Patton’s spearheads.

The Allies (well this really means the British) put together a handpicked team with a crack paratroop company of sappers to assassinate General Von Zoller (who likes to start every sentence with the word “So!”) and to blow up a dam. With no Von Zoller and their troops under water German counterattack is sure to fail. 

The Americans get mentioned several times and even make an appearance on the title page.

Even more amazing there are women in this issue! Thankfully they don’t have anything directly to do with the story line. They’re there because the Germans are using a fashion house as their headquarters.

While the British assemble their paratroopers and demolition experts for the raid the Germans are suffering numerous setbacks from an organised French resistance led by the mysterious Monsieur Neuf. There is a touch of a 2nd story line as the reader is left guessing, is Neuf really the priest or the proprietor of the fashion house? Both are equally likely contenders as both always appear to be not too far away when grenades get lobbed through open windows where reasonably high ranking enemy officers tend to mill around.

The story reads something like a cross between Where Eagles Dare and The Dirty Dozen. As I read Operation Doomsday I couldn’t help but thinking that you could cast Sir Richard Burton, David Niven, Clint Eastwood, Derren Nesbitt, Anton Diffring and whole host of other 1965 movie stalwarts in the movie of this story.

This is another unbelievable adventure - but a real page turner none the less.

Americans? They had something to do with World War 2 didn't they?

Smug struttin' SS. I hate those guys!

Now that's how you say AAGH!

Or how about Major "Bonkers" Bretherton or Captain "Wacky" Wallace or Major "Crazy" Collins or Colonel "Mad" McMillan or Major "Insane" Illife or Major "Slightly Unhinged" Somerville-Urqhart or "Major "Flakey" Favershom?  

Lock is clearly a leader of men.

Hey thanks for telling me about this on the way to the plane.

Didn't I see you in the Tarantino movie?

Am I supposed to get the wrong idea when I read this one?


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  2. I think somebody needs to tell Stuermer that he's beginning to sound like, well, a Nazi.

    Oh, wait... oh


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