Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Air Ace Picture Library 98 Moment of Truth

A psychological journey on the obligatory path to redemption is the best way to describe Moment of Truth.

Not a lot of things go bang in this story which makes it somewhat unusual.

Flight Commander Brent is in tip-top A1 physical condition. However he is so bent up over the death of his mate Flight Commander Waine that he is almost a complete basket case who can no longer move his right arm. Most of the story is told in flashback as Brent relates the source of his trauma while serving with 860 Squadron Hurricanes on station in Scandavaig. Scandavaig is a remote and rocky outcrop far in the Arctic Ocean so cold and desolate that you need to rug up all the time.

It’s also the ideal place to accidentally find a German battleship or two and sink the occasional submarine. It’s also not the best place to run out of fuel or elevation when you consider all those rocky outcrops and how far it is away from everything.

An interesting story as the reckless guy gets to bite the big one and the repercussions of his stupidity are a burden carried by his friend.

Strangely enough the first names of Brent and Waine are not revealed.

Pretty bleak when you come back from a mission alone.

No wonder these idiots lost the war.

Those blighters! They made him say Aagh!


What a great mate you turned out to be Brent. It's not suprising you have problems.

What rank do you have to be before you're allowed to grow one of those things?

Hooray for cigarettes!


  1. Front cover, bottom right: Burt Lancaster. Or Norman Wisdom. Get in!


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