Sunday, April 11, 2010

Air Ace Picture Library 224 Whirlwind Warriors

Flying Officer Terry “Crasher” Maxwell has a talent for flying, taking risks, upsetting his commanding officer, destroying Germans and totalling his own aircraft. In the 58 pages of Whirlwind Warriors Maxwell manages to write-off 6 of His Majesties’ aircraft in return for 2 Dorniers, 1 E-Boat, 1 Arando Seaplane, 1 Me109, 3 armed trawlers, 1 bullet proof staff car, 1 locomotive and carriages, 1 armoured car and 1 Junkers 88.

Crasher is not jinxed – he’s just unlucky a fact that is verified time after time in post incident reports by the boffins. The only hint of depth to this story is when Crasher begins to believe he is blessed with “Maxwell Luck” and pushes his chances even further.

Not the greatest story from Fleetway. It feels as if the writer was in a hurry to finish the story. There’s a little bit of continuity confusion with cannons ripping apart trawlers on page 24 but by page 46 the reader is told that the Whirlwinds are upgraded with cannon! The only thing that keeps the story going is following Maxwell getting in and out of strife.

The fact that this issue has a red logo is more interesting than anything that happens to Maxwell.

Also not an Agghhh to be heard!

Maxwell looks like a trouble maker from the very start.

Don't forget the lads...those two chaps on the right look pretty shifty.

Oh come on now! Six browning machine guns!! That staff car should be painted all over the country side.

I know exactly how he feels.


It's only a little tank why use a big gun?


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