Friday, April 30, 2010

Achtung Commando!!!

Over at Cloud109 Peter Richardson has created an excellent series of posts on Commando Comics. He writes...

The idea that Checkley was formulating was Commando, a title that is still with us to this day albeit in a somewhat watered down manner. What Checkley did was rather than following the trend of imitating Fleetway's product, he actually reworked the formulae and in doing so created a classic comic.

I've certainly learnt a lot in reading these posts. Perhaps most of all that until Commando came along a Fleetway man would never go into battle wearing a torn shirt.

If you haven't done so already go and have a look at Achtung Commando!!! (part 1 part 2 & part 3) at Cloud 109.


  1. Hey Jovan! Love the blog! Brings back a stack of memories from when I was a youngster ploughing through these comics. The selection of page scans are really good, too. Keep it up. I'll be back for sure!

  2. Many thanks for the plug Jovan.

    Bloody brilliant blog you've got here - your comments on the panels themselves are more than half the fun.


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