Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moustache Monday!

When men gather it is more than an opportunity to compare moustaches or discuss guns - even though some individuals are unable to distinguish between the two. When men come together and converse it is often with reserved energy and purpose - even though shadowy figures will try and dissuade men from their task. Any person can talk. Any person can chat. But purposeful conversation is another matter.There are those that have the skill and understand and there are those that can only look on and smile. However there is one thing that is certain. When a man with a moustache engages you for a bit of chat just be prepared to engage him back. Do not insult him, or yourself , with a simple yes or no answer.
Now some fellows simply do not have the gift or have refined the fine art of conversation. What is a man supposed to do if he finds himself in this situation? Some learn that you can get further in life with a good moustache and a gun than you can go with a gun alone.
However the ideal is to get further in life with a moustache alone. 

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