Thursday, January 31, 2013

Comic Book Collecting

Some people get very excited by the idea and the pursuit of collecting only mint versions of comic books. Even though I throughly understand the cult of the new it makes little sense. Sure holding the unread in your hands is exciting but surely reading something for the first time is more exciting! Don't get me wrong. I own a number of pocket war comics in pretty good nick. I also own a number that have been read again and again and then some more. They look and feel like they've been through a number of owners as well as through their own unfair share of neglect. The history of a comic book can be so exciting. Past from hand to hand, marks left by owners, uncaring book exchange owners, and efficient news agents all make up the provenance of an item. For me that means so much more than having something that has been forgotten about. Even though that has it's own sad romantic charm.

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