Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Squareheads. Is this the squarest?

Does this man have the squarest head or what? Clearly a man of some importance as he doesn't have to wear a hat inside.
He also must be a bad guy as he's telling the good guys what he is about to do.
But enough of that! Look at the right angles on this man's scone. You could set a house with that thing. No wonder he doesn't wear a hat - all the other boys would be making jokes about square pegs and round holes and all that...


  1. Ι read your posts very often and this picture of this square headed Nazi officer stayed in my mind.

    Until I found it in a Greek Pocket War Comic some minutes ago!

    It's from the Greek Pocket War Comic Tanks # 467, published on 27th November 1980! The Title is in Greek: ΑΕΡΟΓΕΝΝΗΜΕΝΟΣ (Air-born in English).

    I will uploaded in the comics library ( of our blog ( in the month December.

  2. Hey Velle

    I think it is one of the squarest heads in all pocket war comic history. Having said that the hunt is now on to find one with even squarer.




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