Monday, October 8, 2012

Moustache Monday!

Up front! Square on! Straight out! These are the qualities required in a man if he is to command. Ordered, organised and obvious are the traits that demand more of that attention.

Observe the fine fellow to the left. He can take a jumble of words which inherently in themselves have little or no meaning.  As a test take a facsimile or transcription of these words and enter your local public house and repeat them word for word. Or travel to your local sporting man’s association and engage some of the chaps there with the directions contained herein.

The results will be less then complimentary as no doubt several gruff fellows will man handle you and send you spluttering to the kerb. Even worse you may be either ignored or treated with absolute indifference.

But if you were this man the other chaps would understand every word and willingly act on your command.

What makes it so? More than knowing what men want. He speaks as much from the heart as he does from the moustache.

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