Sunday, August 21, 2011

War Picture Library 222 Road to Berlin

Have you ever been passed over for promotion? Should you be leading and not following? Why have you missed out?  Is the system against you? Is the old boys club not working in your favour? Is the affirmative action programme failing you? Or perhaps...just maybe you're not good enough. Could it be that the job went to the better (sorry ladies) man? That, pretty much, is the story behind War Picture Library 222 Road to Berlin.

This is actually a pretty good story for a number of reasons.
First there's the bonehead at the centre of the Road to Berlin who goes through most of the story needing to drink a cup of cement. Don't worry he comes good in the end.

Also most pocket war comics tend to pay lip service to the real events in World War Two however this one has a reasonable account of the Battle for Arnhem. Also for the tread heads there are some great panels of British armour. I got the feeling that this story may have been completed by at least two artists because the style seems to change from panel to panel. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, or that I'm right, it's just my observation.

So get your orders, get in your tank, harden up and hit the road!

When too many riding pants are not enough.

 He thought a rude word!

 Nice tank.

...and let that be a lesson to you.

Route-Taping! Arrrghh! I've not heard that phrase in many years...

 Anything in war is fair - particularly if you have the biggest pants.

What a great looking panel.

Not to be outdone the Germans had big pants of their own. However their grip of tactics was fatally flawed. Wouldn't it have been better to block the path with the enemy's dead?

Able-One has a tash that means business.

...are you sure that Aaagh! is not coming from inside the Tardis.

Nice panel. Nice detail.

Another nice panel.

Proving yet again that a wrought iron balustrade is no protection against a 95mm howitzer.

Great panel for those who like to swan about.

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