Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cover of the Week Battle Picture Library 304 Road to Berlin

Store wear, tape, staples and tears be damned! This cover is brilliant. The cover for Battle Picture Library 304 Road to Berlin is wonderfully dark, moody and desperate. Will that Churchill make it through to Berlin or will it be stopped?
This terrific cover just goes to show the variety and skill that Fleetway could call upon for artwork. This cover is the stuff of real 'graphic drama' and in my opinion too good to be used for the cover of a comic book.
For those who need to be informed, I know I was because I had to look it up on the world wide web, that hindmost is a proverbial phrase indicating that those who lag behind will receive no aid.
Look beyond the ratty cover and hard life this Battle Picture Library had to endure before coming into my possesssion. Road to Berlin deserves 10/10 and that's what'll get! 10/10.

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