Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cover of the Week War Picture Library 222 Road to Berlin

Same story as the Battle Picture Library version - but does the cover make it any more exciting? Published 6 years apart the War Picture Library cover is possibly more exciting but not as stylised as its younger brother. However this cover is definitely more comic book style in appearance.
I guess because it is brighter it might be more likely to be picked up and purchased. Also the dual action renders, mixing of graphic styles and direct type font makes this cover very exciting. There's no doubt that there's plenty of things that go 'bang' in the following enclosed pages.
Bouncing around in a tank would not have been fun and the three exposed crewman in that Churchill do appear very determined to get on with it. Likewise the three Germans manning that gun also appear to be very determined to stop that tank.
War Picture Library 222 Road to Berlin is bright and exciting and worth picking up. It says all the right things so it gets 10/10.
Just how many perfect 10s are out there?

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