Wednesday, January 20, 2010

War Picture Library 338 - Day of Judgement

This is the story of two men Captain Boswell and Lieutenant Cassidy. Cassidy is brave, astute and a leader of men. Boswell is a hopeless and calculating coward.

Boswell runs in the face of the enemy and Cassidy goes to retrieve him.

At a critical moment the two are discovered fighting and Boswell is quick and sly enough to accuse Cassidy of leaving his post. All witnesses to this event are dead except for a wounded German officer - Major Sturm.

This is another story that I really like.

Even though the ending is predictable it is a good piece of story telling. From the very start of the story you are told how it's going to end however there are some good twists and visuals in the story.

I always prefer it when the cover matches the story line but you can't have everything.

Unlike a lot of other pocket war comics the dead are shown

Cassidy's company all get killed while he is away pursuing Boswell. Cassidy really has Boswell to thank for being alive - but he doesn't see it that way.

Despite initial appearances Sturm really is a Nazi

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