Monday, February 22, 2010

Battle Picture Library 302 - Victory in Defeat

A series of raids on Tripoli go wrong – the situation is confused but the British are the first to take advantage of the confusion.

As events unfold the story of the the Maxwell brothers is told. One of the brothers is rash and leads a daring but ill fated commando raid. The other is steady and methodical and leads an equally daring raid with a team of convicted criminals. 

Even though the raids fail the British mange to win the battle.

The Westchesters make a reappearance! (from now on I’ll keep an eye out for them) and continue their tradition of doggedness.

There are a lot of characters who contribute to the story but it appears having good square jaw is the only prerequisite to be selected for any of the missions.  Perhaps it's the weight of all those angular jaw lines but the artwork is not as animated as in other pocket war library.

Not an absolute clanger. Even though the story was a bit weak it still manages to maintain a good tempo.

A bit of time out for some hairy chested good fun.

Even the bad guys have square jaws.

What a double spread! One Aagh! One Argh! And one Aiee! (Isn't that a Japanese word?)

Now that's a square jaw!

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