Wednesday, January 20, 2010

War Picture Library 209 - Desert Duel

Err... not the best story around.

When the cover doesn't match the story the doubts set in - great cover though!

The story concerns the deadly contest between opposing secret services.

My doubts with the story start when the Arab agent announces the English Secret Service major is dead, allowing the Nazi agent to take his place. If it was that easy to knock off the English Secret Service officers then why bother with elaborate plans but then again elaboration and subterfuge seem to be the Nazi prerequisite.

The story is about the war of intelligence and the story is a war on the intelligence of the reader. The Nazi colonel is driven so much by rage that he is blind to what's happening. He's not the only one lacking intelligence.

The Nazis secret base is strangely bereft of any security. However the interior is also bereft of any competent interior design with Bauhaus competing with ornate bed furniture. The thought behind the location selection is best voiced by the German officer with the monocle "they'll never find us here..."

The story starts well with lots of bullets flying around but then the change in focus makes everything go Aaagh!

In the end...not the best story around but what a great cover.

So what happened to the old one?

Since the secret base is so well hidden we decided to not to spend any money on defenses and decided to get some really nice carved wooden doors and matching beds. The other rooms have their own themes too you know.

Why not just use an army of Arabs to fight your war? If one of them can knock off a Major in secret intelligence imagine what a whole lot of them could do! Hey hang on...does this guy also run a side business supplying furniture to secret bases?

So that's what AAAGH! is. An inarticulate cry!!


  1. Jorge Moliterni is my most loved artist! I have a lot of his comics he has drawn for War Picture Library.

    I am interested in how he created his work. His process. I would have imagined he used photo references to draw from, not trace but to guide in uniforms, weapons & vehicles but being an artist I'm fascinated but his skills & how he work (obsessed is probably more accurate) Any help in this direction would be much appreciated.

    Can u post anything else u may have on this artist if possible?

    Many thanks for posting as I have not found this comic yet.

  2. Hey Rollo,

    Happy to oblige - I'll post them as I come accross them in my collection. Have you got a list of the issues he worked on? Also if I manage to find any extra copies in my travels I'll send them your way.



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