Tuesday, July 1, 2014

If mirthless is without mirth, then gormless is without...

...an often discussed topic sure enough. They're an unhappy bunch this lot. They even have trouble smiling in the traditional sense that usually involves some joy. That fellow behind the Kaptain (why not Captain I hear you ask?) appears to be the only one of the crew who is doing anything worthwhile. There are no doubt many things to do on a submarine - like sink ships, avoid getting sunk and a whole host of other war things that should keep the men with beards happy. The question really is are they really?  Given they are on the verge of discharging their duties as required and equally on the verge of receiving recognition for doing so you might be excused to expect that they should be well...buoyant. Perhaps this is what they as undersea boat men find irksome. Perhaps this is the reason for them to be without mirth.   

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