Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cover of the Week War Picture Library 412 Murder Charge

It's all happening in there I tell you! Murder I say! Murder! But this is war! Where is the murder? There I tell you! There!

What does this officer know? What does he really know? The intense gaze and accusationational gesture raise tension in an already tense situation. Also he is clearly a warrior, and an officer, as he has a desert hardened tan, a pistol and a wristwatch.The sense that something is happening "in there" is nicely and simply created by the viewing window of the action contained within the red wall or boundary. This is further emphasised by the shadow behind the officer that naturally doesn't fall through the window. Also in the window itself there's a scene of a gritty battle pitting raw flesh against hardend steel as the sun beats down from a cloudless sky over a sandy desert.

As covers go, War Picture Library 412 Murder Charge is an absolute winner 10/10!

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