Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Comic Book Collecting

Where to start? Time to look at creases, tears and staple rust marks. I'm quite taken by these recent editions to my collection. Everything about them is wonderful from the artwork to the back cover advertisements and of course everything in between. The imperfections do anything but detract from their beauty. They are the evidence of a full and long life. Now I know there are those of you who will flinch or even sneer at the very notion of a rust stain or a scuff. Why? These comic books were published about 50 years ago and were no doubt owned by a succession of boys - the fact that they've made it this far is a miracle in itself. Creases are a sign of being read, put away, stacked and re-read and then moved around, and then perhaps sorted and read again. Now that they've reached my care for the time being they'll find a bit more attention to their preservation. You might ask, now that they're been, "collected" and "preserved " will they ever be read again? Absolutely by me!

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