Sunday, September 16, 2012

Red Pistol Handle Matches Red Epaultes, Why?

Teutonic swagger meet sun burnt knees in a contest that will have only one conclusion. Despite the size of his main gun the sartorially misinformed tank commander is about to pay for crimes against fashion. Whoever let him get out of the barracks and into that hulking steel brute should be brought before a court of high justice. Really! Matching red arm band, epaulets, cravat and pistol handle? Who or what army does this man belong to? You can't tell me that the curtains match the drapes either!

Now let us turn our attention to Mr Rugged. There he stands all sun burnt, baring his knees and swinging that big heavy rifle around. He certainly looks like the rough type. How does he keep all that harness he's wearing so white while he's running around and building up a sweat?

I think these two are really just playing at being rough and tumble. The sooner they stop, calm down and just get on being nice to each other the war just might stop a little bit sooner.


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