Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cover of the Week War Picture Library 430 Sixth Sense

Story telling is not necessarily about revealing every detail or using the obvious to bludgeon an audience.

Sixth Sense presents an almost bare cover.

Many pocket war comic covers like to focus on individuals either as soldiers or pilots in individual aircraft usually in a moment of crisis or at a dramatic height. War Picture Library 430 Sixth Sense depicts a rescue action by a group that is, unusually, not under fire. The individual determinism is still there of course, present in beautifully completed insert illustration that takes up about a quarter of the page. The usual cut out flashes or sub-heads are simply not needed. The two co-joined illustrations and the title work very well together create the reason to pick up and read Sixth Sense. Who or what did he see? How is he tied in with the rescue? Also why do the men in the boats appear to be so anxious.

Not a traditional cover, if there really is such a thing, but well worth 10/10. Nice artwork particulalry in capturing the feeling attitude of the crews in the boats.


  1. The headshot looks like it could have been based on a photo of Hardy Kruger in 'A Bridge Too Far', but since this cover was probably painted ten years or more before that movie was made, I can't quite figure how that works.....

  2. I agree he does look like Hardy. Don't forget he'd already been in acting for some time. In any event he certainly has the "look" of the time.


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