Monday, June 4, 2012

Moustache Monday!

The moustache that strikes at dawn clearly knows what it is doing. It is the tash of destiny. Others may try to strike in the early hours of the morning but it is only the man with the tash who really knows how to make it work.

Some may say that it is not the place of a moustache to be found skulking around in the pre-morning darkness waiting for the first rays of sunlight waiting to reveal itself.

These people are clearly wrong - as anybody knows who sports a moustache or is intending to unleash one understands that the right time for a moustache is now. 

Whether lurking or not this tash of destiny is a man of clear thought and direct action. Intelligence, courage and grooming all combine to create an irresistible force of charm, inner strength and determination.

This is a man who is willing to carry the force of his convictions to the ultimate conclusion.

Are you able to do the same?


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