Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cover of the Week War Picture Library 221 H-Hour

This is the moment! This is the hour we've been waiting for! This is H-Hour! This cover is just so wonderfully dramatic and full of purpose.
These Brits are well on their way to victory and it looks like their going to make it theirs.
There's a nice sense of urgency and perspective in the cover for War Picture Library 221 H-Hour.
However I can't help wondering why the 2 guys with the automatic weapons are holding back. Do they know something the guys in front of them don't? Or am I reading too much into a simple picture? I can't wait to read it to find out!
I find the title font irresistible and it matches the action in the image below it perfectly.
Even though there's space for a subheading I think not having one adds to the feeling of the whole thing.
Very easily a 10/10.

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