Friday, July 8, 2011

Cover of the Week. Battle Picture Library 99 Battle Royal

There's something just not right with the cover for Battle Picture Library 99 Battle Royal.
Shouldn't he be running at the tank? I know that's a counter intuitive act for a human being - but I'm not used to seeing my cover heroes running away.
However I suppose his truck is on fire. And there's only of him. And that tank looks positively invincible. Those dark figures don't look too friendly either. But still, running away?
Also, surely there had be another title font to choose from. This one is really just plain ugly.
The splash cut out sort of helps and then it sort of doesn't. It's sort of limp.
The background is doing all the work for this cover. That's where all the menace is sitting.The most I can award Battle Royal's cover is 5/10.

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