Saturday, September 26, 2009

War Picture Library 309 - Phantom Flotilla

This is the kind of story that I remember. Boys own adventure, impossible odds, team tension giving way to mutual understanding and respect and of course a treacherous enemy.

Political correctness is out the door from the very start with the Japanese introduced from the opening narrative as the "yellow hoards". The portrayl of the brave native is even a little uncomfortable by modern standards. It goes almost without saying that the Australians are brave and tenacious.

Whenever the Australians are attacking they are doing their duty whereas if they were Japanese they would be mindless fanatics.

The Phantom Flotilla refers to a squadron of Australian torpedo boats that hide in a swamp and ambush passing Japanese convoys. It is a dangerous assignment with regular casualites. Additional tension is given to the story by the tension between the flotilla's leading officer, an Englishman, and his Australian 2IC.


Besides all the square jawed small headed posturing you couldn't get away with this sort of language now...

The lads even look foward to that kind of thing every once and a while.


Koto's mate should have known better...

Hey! If the other side were doing this wouldn't they be fanatics?

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