Saturday, September 26, 2009

War Picture Library 329 - D-Day Deadline

D-Day Deadline follows a particularly amoral reporter and his journey from finding a good story to understanding the true meaning of sacrifice. There are some great moments from film noir inspired shadow to a general removing his rank pips.

The journalist is looking for the human factor in the big event of the D-Day landings. He encounters a variety of participants in D-Day who all have a part in making it a success. He meets a young bomber crew who have just come back from bombing the beaches and then celebrate a birthday. Next he meets the gallant engineers who sacrifice themselves to open the beach for the invasion. His next encounter brings him contact with a group of weary veteran infantry and their over eager young officer. His final encounter is with a tank crew who struggle with their sense of duty and their urge to seek revenge.

I have mixed feelings on D-Day Deadline. 

The sacrifice theme works for the most but I find it difficult to warm to the main character.

However you could do worse.

Of note is the fantastic full page advertisement on the inside cover proclaiming that "Girls prefer a He-Man".

Of all the things you could say in this situation ...

It's true you know!

I wonder how many people won the trophy?

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